HD Panther Ambulances
Panther Ambulances from HD & S2
Available on the SL Marketplace
Mesh  | 2800 - 3200 L$  | 35 - 44 Prims

All New Automatic Transmission
Advanced Emergency Lights System
Operational Medical Stretcher
HealthPack ECG with AED Mode
Customizable with Templates


Interactive driving experience
with full in-cab controls.

  • adjustable settings
  • mouselook driving
  • road align assistant
  • gesture support
  • NTBI Global Fuel System
  • HD Modular HUD
HD Panther Ambulance Driving

Medical Stretcher

Fully functional medical stretcher
for your medical calls.

  • easy to control
  • linked & unlinked version
  • headrest incline option
  • patient position adjust
  • backboard, IV bag & headblocks
HD Panther Ambulance Medical Stretcher


Various equipment to
support your roleplay.

  • Health Pack ECG with AED Mode
  • small fire extinguisher
  • medical jump bag
  • hand-held lamps
  • action area controls
  • additional gear on Panther Type 3
HD Panther Ambulance Equipment


Comes with 24 themes and full
Templates to create your own.

  • color-changeable parts
  • create your own paintjob
  • install custom sounds
  • adjust emergency lights
  • custom decal textures
  • supports HD ThemeBox3
HD Panther Ambulance Customization