Beta Testing
HD Legacy Pumper

Update Pump HUD


This update adds support to the Modular HUD for the Pump Operator.
It also includes a couple of smaller bugfixes.
Please use the included copy of the Modular HUD and Gear HUD.

Known Issues

  • - GPM readouts on HUD do not match pump panel on Legacy Pumper for high discharges


Version 2022.09.20 BETA

  • - fixed low Foam Level warning has typo, shows 'Fuel' instead of 'Foam' in local chat
  • - fixed Pump Limit gauge fails to sync with HUD properly after safety shutdown
  • - fixed odd texture showing when Pump HUD closes
  • - fixed Pump HUD fails to close when Legacy Pumper no longer in same region

Version 2022.09.09 BETA

  • - fixed Modular HUD shows large rectangle blocking view if used on any vehicle other than the Legacy Pumper

Version 2022.09.08c BETA

  • - fixed master discharge shows incorrect GPM readout after safety shutdown is resolved and 're-sitting' on pump panel

Version 2022.09.08b BETA

  • - fixed pump specification menu no longer gives warning if hose lines are deployed and fails to apply setting in that case
  • - fixed pump specification menu checks for pump engaged status instead of pump power shift lever being set to pump

Version 2022.09.08 BETA

  • – fixed safety shutdown light on Pump HUD does not reset properly
  • – fixed resetting pump safety shutdown makes Pump HUD engaged light not lit
  • – fixed info center warnings fail to clear after 5 seconds
  • – fixed info center warning disengages pump
  • – fixed Pump HUD pro-valve color stripes are hard to see
  • – fixed Pump HUD pro-valve 'Opened' text is hard to read
  • – fixed Water and Foam Level on Pump HUD are hard to see if lit or not lit
  • – fixed Pump HUD drafting GPM fails to show in red when not primed
  • – fixed Pump HUD drafting GPM fails to reset to 0 on pump shutdown
  • – fixed changing pro-valve while pump has safety shutdown active displays GPM readout on Pump HUD
  • – fixed sync with Pump HUD while pump has safety shutdown active shows master discharge and pro-valve discharge GPM readouts
  • – fixed sync with Pump HUD after safety shutdown while drafting will show incorrect drafting GPM readout on HUD
  • – fixed INC / DEC buttons for bumper and rear discharges do not always work correct
  • – fixed Pump HUD valve position for bumper and rear discharges fail to sync correct
  • – fixed pump limit boost is no longer working
  • – fixed pump HUD foam flow meter fails to reset to 0 on safety shutdown
  • - fixed several issues when using 'Restock All' while electric cable reel with junction box is deployed
  • if junction box on ground was auto returned or deleted by user then cabinet could no longer be closed
  • if junction box on ground was auto returned or deleted by user then parking brake could no longer be released
  • 'Restock All' failed to delete electric cables and rezzed / attached instance of junction box

Version 2022.09.01c BETA

  • - fixed bumper trashline and rear discharges valve position does not update for Modular HUD
  • - fixed Modular HUD valve controllers fail to update gate status properly (red/white GPM readouts)
  • - fixed Modular GPM readouts are sometimes off by 1 (rounding error)

Version 2022.09.01b BETA

  • - fixed Stream button for Deckgun on Modular HUD does not work right
  • - fixed Modular HUD shows/hides incorrect valve controllers when hoses are connected/disconnected

Version 2022.09.01 BETA

  • New Features / Changes
  • - added Modular HUD support for Pump Operator
  • - removed 'Pump HUD' from survey menu
  • Bugfixes
  • - fixed pump safety shutdown fails to deflate crosslay section within tray
  • - fixed Info Center warning messages for Low Water, Low Foam and Low Fuel are missing
  • - fixed Manual does not mention Info Center Warning Messages
  • - fixed Manual does not mention that transmission can only shift gears while engine is running
  • - fixed being able to shift gears with Page Up / Page Down keys while engine is off
  • - fixed full script reset fails to clear pump panel sit target
  • - fixed Deckgun behaves odd when giving directional input while automatic deploy / stow is in process
  • - fixed Pump Panel access check for removing connected hose lines no longer works
  • - fixed change in hose line flow limit fails to update master discharge and pro-valve GPM readout
  • one example for a flow limit change is opening the valve on a connected gated wye
  • Gear HUD Bugfixes
  • - fixed Drop Tank can fill with water while invisible
  • - fixed Gated Wye fails to update pump panel status (white / red GPM readouts)
  • - fixed Coupler Small fails to update pump panel status (white / red GPM readouts)