HD Fire System

Version 2022.09.16

Open Fire System Manual

Known Issues

  • no known issues, report a bug here

Version 2022.09.16

  • - fixed Foam Jug Shelf and Foam Jug Groups are restricted to owner only
  • - fixed Fire no longer rezzes child fires after using Rename Feature

Version 2022.08.29

  • - fixed crashed hydrant child prim with connections is backwards

Version 2022.08.01

  • - added new Fire Features: Damage API, Score API, Hotspots, Adverse Reaction, Explode, Location Setting, Fanning
  • > check the Fire System Manual for more information
  • - added new Script API commands for the Fire
  • - increased and improved the range for Fans to clear lingering smoke (only requires updated Fire, Fans do not require update)
  • - adjusted growth speed and extinguishing speed of large fires
  • - renamed Fire 'Hover Bar' feature to 'Info Text'
  • - removed horizontal bar from Fire hover text

Version 2022.02.09

  • - changed name to 'HD Fire System 2'
  • - added notecard with link to online manual to delivery box
  • Hydrant
  • - minor bugfix for Hose Line Drop Feature
  • Dry Hydrant
  • - added support for Hose Line Drop Feature

Version 2021.10.18

  • Fire
  • - added support for extinguishing via 'Raycast' for Marine 1 Update
  • Hydrant
  • - added support for upcoming Hose Line Drop Feature to Hydrant
  • Hose Pack & Powder Buckets
  • - added modify permission for Hose Packs and Powder Buckets

Version 2019.03.06

  • Hose Pack
  • - added more details to Mesh model
  • - added ability to hide part of the Attack and Supply line pack
  • Fire
  • - fixed Script Error when maximum size is set to 'Very Small'
  • - added Rename feature to help keeping your inventory organized
  • Foam Cabinet
  • - now uses better materials settings

Version 2018.03.22

  • Hydrant
  • - added ability to turn hydrant invisible in order to use as overlay
  • Fire
  • - fixed child fires do not inherit setting for Linger option
  • - fixed linger smoke is visible even if both Linger and Smoke are turned off
  • - fixed hover bar stays visible after fire is extinguished
  • - added ScriptAPI command to set Linger option
  • - added ScriptAPI command to set Accepted Agent setting
  • - delayed appearance of Linger smoke particles on default fire
  • - Linger smoke now has the same color as the smoke column