HD Engine 1

Version 2022.11.23

Open Engine 1 Manual

Known Issues

  • no known issues
  • report a bug here

Version 2022.11.23

  • fixed right-click sit defaults to pump operator instead of driver
  • fixed small Supply Line from compartment applies incorrect color to attached copy

Version 2022.10.07

  • added full compatibility with Foam Eductor
  • fixed issues with long range Attack Lines

Version 2022.08.01

  • added 2 Foam Jugs to top of pump panel
  • added Restock Feature for Foam Jugs
  • added Script-API 'GET STATUS' command
  • improved Script-API SET POS / ROT commands
  • fixed 'Restock' option and script reset fail to restock Fire Extinguishers

Version 2022.02.09

  • updated Hydrant Wrench to new version from Hydrant CE
  • added compatibility for Hose Line Drop Feature
  • added Hydrant Bag to Driver Side lower Front Compartment
  • replaced Electric Fan in Rear Compartment with Gas Powered Fan
  • updated License Plate Font Texture to match Legacy Pumper
  • added notecard with link to online manual to delivery box
  • added Keyboard Controls for Deckgun for Pump Operator
  • added Pike Pole handout for Rear Compartment

Version 2020.05.06

  • added compatibility with the HD Electric Charging System
  • added interactive electric charging socket on driver side of cab
  • fixed side mounted ladder fails to become visible again after selecting 'Restock All'
  • fixed tendency to move forward during downward movement of entire vehicle

Version 2020.04.02

  • updated Exhaust Pipe for compatibility with the HD Exhaust Removal System
  • improved texture helper detection of vehicle
  • updated license plate texture
  • fixed Report feature wrongly lists Last Aerial Operator

Version 2018.04.06

  • added Chevron patterns to online box templates
  • added version info to main menu
  • added Modular HUD support for officer seat
  • added rear license plate mount
  • fixed Crew Access settings do not apply to officer seat
  • fixed position of draft float in rear cabinet
  • fixed pump operator is not ejected when parking brake is released
  • fixed material shine settings on parts of the cab
  • fixed spinning wheels bug while truck is stationary
  • fixed exhaust particle texture not pre-loading
  • fixed exhaust particles visible while engine is turned off
  • changed default ThemeBox3 textures to white without stripe
  • changed menu to reappear after making a selection
  • changed ladder to link to new ladder version on Gear HUD
  • changed ladder to disappear when taken and reappear when detached
  • changed rear license plate to light up when position lights are turned on
  • changed license plate to random characters when truck is rezzed
  • changed Deckgun particles and bullet spawn rate to new universal balanced HDFS2 settings

Version 2017.03.09

  • fixed license plate does not reset to default texture on script reset
  • fixed rotoray has different glow setting when releasing parking brake
  • fixed license plate resets to random place number when truck is rezzed
  • fixed motor sound playing when switching out of pump mode while engine is off
  • changed intake PSI to go negative when drafting water
  • changed truck number to allow entering leading zeros, example: 01
  • changed wording of report: Pump Operator instead of Engineer
  • minor script optimizations

Version 2017.02.22

  • Public Release Version
  • Thank you to all HD Beta Testers who helped to make this project possible.