HD NextGen Foam Unit

Version 2022.02.09

Open Foam Unit Manual

Version 2022.02.09

  • added Tool Box to Equipment Menu
  • added compatibility for Hose Line Drop Feature
  • added notecard with link to online manual to delivery box
  • fixed incorrect forward movement in free fall

Version 2016.10.24

  • updated to HD Fire System 2
  • -> foam containers can now be partially emptied
  • -> foam containers now hand out small foam containers via Gear HUD
  • -> added foam discharge for deckgun if supplied by industrial pump
  • updated to HD Modular HUD & HD Gear HUD
  • changed scale of truck for uniform sizing
  • changed 'Go 10-8' sit-text to 'Board'
  • added feature to customize more of the sounds
  • removed breakable doors feature
  • added Variants Menu to quickly change between all 3 models
  • lowered the script count

Version 2014.09.25

  • added updated Fire System Manual
  • added 9 more themes to match public works vehicles
  • fixed SCBA restock being limited by access settings

Version 2014.07.07

  • updated features text on the box
  • fixed hovering when trying to walk on rear of stake bed truck

Version 2014.07.05

  • removed Forbidden Garden landmark from box
  • added Stake Bed Truck version

Version 2014.02.20

  • shortened version number for better readability
  • fixed Fuel System Off option
  • added Strobes option to lightbar
  • merged Update-Script with Control-Script
  • updated landmarks to current locations