HD NextGen Heavy Rescue 1

Version 2016.10.28

Open Heavy Rescue 1 Manual

Version 2016.10.28

  • fixed custom box decals do not show if active theme is set to 'Custom'

Version 2016.10.24

  • updated to HD Fire System 2
  • updated to HD Modular HUD & HD Gear HUD
  • changed scale of truck for uniform sizing
  • changed 'Go 10-8' sit-text to 'Board'
  • changed design of front bumper
  • added feature to customize more of the sounds
  • added better distance limits for rescue tools
  • changed light tower to direct keyboard control when clicked
  • added auto turn on/off feature to light tower
  • lowered the script count

Version 2014.06.20

  • removed Forbidden Garden landmark from box
  • fixed Red Split Code Lightbar center pod animation showing up as red instead of white

Version 2014.02.20

  • shortened version number for better readability
  • fixed Fuel System Off option
  • fixed rear ladder not resetting on init
  • merged Update-Script with Control-Script
  • set Flat Roof style as default
  • updated landmarks to current locations

Version 2013.09.28.1

  • fixed minor issue with status of fuel system not being displayed in options menu

Version 2013.08.20.1

  • changed version numbering to new style YYYY.MM.DD.N
  • version number is now visible in main menu and object description
  • changed naming of equipment
  • updated HUD to version 1.26
  • added display of fuel level
  • added road align switch
  • fixed possible clipping when tabs are switched
  • updated manual to new style
  • updated ThemeBox to version 2
  • updated Drive Scripts with better brake behavior
  • updated cable spider to new version
  • updated portable light tower
  • updated click targets to change side LED strobe color
  • added option to hide lightbar
  • added info message when avatar is kicked
  • added NTBI Global Fuel System
  • added fuel intake to driver side of truck
  • added Road Align mode
  • added Report button to main menu
  • added Electrical Generator
  • changed equipment menu structure

Version 1.22

  • added HD K12 Saw and HD Chainsaw to equipment menu
  • updated Spreaders, Cutters & Ram to v1.22
  • added color option to rescue tools by touching colored frame parts

Version 1.20

  • dropped version number to adopt to current HD version system
  • fully redone model
  • added HD standard themes
  • added compatibility with HD NextGen HUD 2.0
  • added HD Fire System support (tools, no pump)
  • added all features of current HD NextGen Trucks
  • added Spreaders, Cutters & Ram
  • added portable Light Tower
  • added Pressure Generator
  • updated drive scripts