HD NextGen Truck 11

Version 2022.02.09

Open Truck 11 Manual

Version 2022.02.09

  • added Hydrant Bag to Equipment Menu
  • added Tool Box to Equipment Menu
  • added Gas Powered Fan to Equipment Menu
  • added compatibility for Hose Line Drop Feature
  • added notecard with link to online manual to delivery box
  • fixed incorrect forward movement in free fall
  • fixed none functional 'Hide Sign' button in Options Menu

Version 2016.10.28

  • fixed incorrect roof color when installing ThemeBox2
  • increased max elevation angle of tower ladder to 75° instead of 60°

Version 2016.10.24

  • updated to HD Fire System 2
  • -> added role of engineer to control pump panel
  • -> added individual discharge flows
  • -> added suction GPM control
  • -> replaced one small diameter discharge with small diameter intake
  • -> added texture for pump panel connections prim
  • -> removed foam discharge for aerial waterway
  • -> improved particles and bullet direction for fog pattern
  • updated to HD Modular HUD & HD Gear HUD
  • changed scale of truck for uniform sizing
  • changed 'Go 10-8' sit-text to 'Board'
  • changed design of front bumper and pump side board
  • added feature to customize more of the sounds
  • added auto clean-up for aerial prims
  • fixed being able to drive off while outriggers are still moving
  • lowered land impact for active aerial ladder
  • lowered the script count

Version 2014.02.20

  • shortened version number for better readability
  • fixed Fuel System Off option
  • fixed Aerial Ladder visibly switching color on rez
  • merged Update-Script with Control-Script
  • set Flat Roof style as default
  • updated landmarks to current locations

Version 2013.09.28.1

  • fixed minor issue with status of fuel system not being displayed in options menu

Version 2013.08.20.1

  • changed version numbering to new style YYYY.MM.DD.N
  • version number is now visible in main menu and object description
  • changed naming of equipment
  • updated Draft Float to version 1.14
  • added ability to draft from prims with the name 'Water'
  • fixed Supply Line being able to connect
  • updated HUD to version 1.26
  • added display of fuel level
  • added road align switch
  • fixed possible clipping when tabs are switched
  • updated Pump Script to new version
  • updated behavior of water arch to take gravity into account
  • updated manual to new style
  • updated ThemeBox to version 2
  • updated Drive Scripts with better brake behavior
  • added option to hide lightbar
  • added info message when avatar is kicked
  • added NTBI Global Fuel System
  • added fuel intake to driver side of truck
  • added Road Align mode
  • added Report button to main menu
  • added info message when ladder is remotely controlled
  • added Truck 10 version with 5 man cab
  • fixed ladder possibly getting out of sync when hitting vehicle frame limits
  • fixed ladder lagging behind during multi-directional movement

Version 1.22

  • fixed being unable to set a custom theme as base theme
  • fixed truck possibly accelerating after bail out
  • adjusted the split roof sculpted prim so that the top of the cab texture is visible now

Version 1.20

  • added custom siren option
  • added chevron option
  • added steering wheel rotation
  • added new ARO setting 'Supportive'
  • added HD Theme Box system
  • added enhanced wheel textures
  • added flip mirror option
  • added 8 color options for the front tip of the ladder
  • added 4 color options for the ladder
  • added more front light 3 options
  • added 2 new lightbar options
  • added split option to lightbar menu
  • added colorless LED strobes with 8 color options
  • added parking brake
  • added parking mode
  • added last driver information to menu
  • added 'Customize' mode
  • added whitelist for access setting (limited to 50 avatars)
  • added Fire Extinguisher and refill option to Equipment menu
  • fixed issue with outriggers position being off on slopes
  • fixed issue with aerial monitor not putting out fire
  • fixed aerial waterway sticking through cab
  • fixed pump panel messages being anonymous
  • fixed camera behavior to be more smooth when passenger stands up
  • fixed drive script to speed up reaction times for keyboard input
  • updated attack line to version 1.40
  • updated HUD to version 1.20
  • added pump mode switch to HUD
  • added parking brake switch to HUD
  • added parking mode switch to HUD
  • changed cab side texture to enhanced version (same as Aerial 19)
  • changed texture templates to new version
  • increased local light radius for full frontlight setting
  • increased aerial monitor range (+50%)
  • script optimizations

Version 1.11

  • fixed a bug with the aerial stream not putting out fire

Version 1.10

  • now compatible with the new HD NextGen 2.0 HUD
  • reduced the number of scripts
  • option for clear front grill without us flag
  • added ARO-System
  • added color option for front emergency lights
  • fixed sittarget for flat roof option
  • added fog pattern option for aerial stream
  • aerial can now be controlled through HUD
  • fixed animation for vector lightbar blue/red and blue
  • fixed passenger side cab texture for green theme
  • Thank you to the HD Beta Testing team!