HD Fume-B-Gone
Exhaust Removal System

Version 2020.11.04

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0) Welcome

Thank you for purchasing the Fume-B-Gone Exhaust Extraction System from HD Emergency.

If you are experiencing any problems with your product, please be sure that you have read this manual in its entirety and you fully understand its contents.
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1) Specifications


- full Mesh build
- fully interactive
- with access control
- adjustable rail and mounting length
- color customization


- HD Legacy Series Fire Trucks (Pumper)
- HD One Series Fire Trucks (Engine 1, Aerial 1, Tanker 1, Midmount 1)
- HD Panther Ambulances (Type 2, Type 2X, Type 3)

Future Compatibility

- HD Legacy Series Fire Trucks


- Rail Length: adjustable 4.16m to 20.16m (with end-caps)
- Mounting Rods: adjustable 0.10m to 2.10m
- Rail Height above Ground: 4.00m to 6.50m
- Side-to-Side reach: 1.00m

2) Main Menu

To open the main menu click on the ceiling mounted rail.
The menu is only available for the owner and has the following buttons:

2.1 Manual

This button will give you a link to the online Manual, which you are reading right now.

2.2 Access

This menu allows you to change the permissions on who use the Fume-B-Gone system.
You may set the Access to Owner, Group or Everyone.
Group includes all members of the group that the system is set to.

2.3 Remove Scripts

This option allows you to remove the script from the Fume-B-Gone system.
The system will no longer be interactive and act as decoration instead.
This can be helpful to increase region performance if no exhaust hose connections are required.

2.4 Adjust

This feature will take a measure the distance between the ceiling mounted rail and the ground level below it.
If a floor surface has been found the length of the exhaust extraction hose will be adjusted to the perfect length.
This will ensure that the adapter with the elbow pipe will hover slightly above the floor.

2.5 Adapter

This option allows you to swap the exhaust pipe adapter at the end of the exhaust extraction hose.
There are 3 settings available: Small, Large and Automatic.
Small is used for regular exhaust pipes like for example used on the HD Panther Ambulances.
Large is used for large exhaust pipes like for example used on the HD One Series and HD Legacy Series fire trucks.
Automatic will automatically switch to the correct adapter when a connection is made.

2.6 Color

The Color Menu gives you the option to change the primary color for different parts of the Fume-B-Gone system.
Color Hose: the exhaust extraction hose itself
Color Sled: the small sled that rides along the ceiling mounted rail
Color Endcap: the end-caps on either end of the ceiling mounted rail
You can either choose one of the available color options or select 'CUSTOM' to enter your custom color.
The color can be entered in various formats:
Vector: R G B or R,G,B or <R,G,B> within range [0,255] or [0.0,1.0]

2.7 Length

There are two Length Adjustments available.

Length Rail will adjust the length of the ceiling mounted rail.
The railing can have a length of between 4.00 and 20.00 meters.

Length Mount will adjust the length of the rods that connect the rail to the ceiling.
The mounting rods can be between 0.10 and 2.10 meters long.

3) Connections

3.1 Make a Connection

To make a connection:
- park a compatible vehicle within range of the Fume-B-Gone System and apply the parking brake
- exit the vehicle, stand next to the exhaust extraction hose and click it to grab the hose
- the hose will now follow your movements. you can click on the sled to change the direction
- move close to the exhaust pipe of the compatible vehicle and click on it to connect the hose

3.2 Remove Connection

Manually remove hose:
- click on the exhaust extraction hose or the exhaust pipe to disconnect the system from the vehicle

Automatic Disconnect:
- if the parking brake is released then the exhaust hose will follow along with the vehicle
- if the sled hits one of the end-caps of the rail then the exhaust hose will automatically disconnect

4) Feedback

Please report all bugs, issues and feature suggestions via:
Instant Message or Notecard to Lares Carter.
Or the HD Website Forms for Suggestions and Bug Reports.

Thank you for your support.