HD Fire Hose Cabinet

Version 2019.02.15

Open Fire Hose Cabinet Changelog


0) Welcome

Thank you for purchasing the Fire Hose Cabinet.
This is a collaboration project between Seba Serpente - S2 and Lares Carter - HD.

If you are experiencing any problems with your product, please be sure that you have read this manual in its entirety and you fully understand its contents.
If at any point this manual does not help you please join the HD Emergency Equipment and supplies group and ask your question within the group chat.
Alternatively you can also join the HD Discord Server and ask your question in the #helpdesk channel.

We hope you enjoy your product from HD Emergency & S2! Thank you for the support!

1) Specifications


- full Mesh build
- ready to deploy 64m Attack Line
- with access control
- supports water & foam
- adjustable GPM (100 - 200)
- customization options

2) Main Menu

2.1 Manual

This button will give you a link to the online Manual, which you are reading right now.

2.2 GPM

The GPM Menu allows you to adjust the available water flow in GPM.
You can set any value between 100 and 200 GPM.

2.3 Agent

The Agent Menu allows you to change the extinguishing agent of the Fire Hose Cabinet.
Available Extinguishing Agents: Water, Foam, Powder.
Foam and Powder are more efficient for extinguishing fires.
The HD Fire can be set to only react to certain agents.

2.4 Access

This menu allows you to change the permissions on who can use the Fire Hose Cabinet.
You may set the Access to Owner, Group or Everyone.
Group includes all members of the group that the Fire Hose Cabinet is set to.
Most of the Menu is only available for the owner.
The Manual link and Gear HUD request can be used by anyone with Access.

2.5 Gear HUD

To use the hose from the cabinet you need to have the HD Gear HUD attached.
The HUD is distributed by a centralized server within Second Life.
You can request a copy by selecting 'Gear HUD' from the menu.
For more information on the features of the Gear HUD please consult the HD Fire System 2 Manual.

2.6 Customize

The Customize Menu lets you change the color of various area on the Fire Hose Cabinet.
First you have to select the area you want to change from the Menu.
You can either choose one of the available color options or select 'Custom' to enter your custom color.
The color can be entered in various formats:
Vector: R G B or R,G,B or <R,G,B> within range [0,255] or [0.0,1.0]

The Customize Menu also gives you the option to change the texture of the Cabinet Door sign.
You can select one of the 4 presets: 'Fire','Fire Hose A','Fire Hose B' and 'Symbol'.
If you select 'Fire Hose A' or 'Fire Hose B' you can select 'Sign Color' to change the color of the lettering.
By selecting 'Custom' you can enter the texture UUID of a texture of your choice.
The aspect ratio should be 1:1. You can enter '8dcd4a48-2d37-4909-9f78-f7a9eb4ef903' to hide the sign.

3) Features

3.1 Fire Hose

To deploy the Fire Hose:
- make sure you have the HD Gear HUD attached
- click on the Cabinet Door to open it
- click on the stored Fire Hose to swing it outwards
- click on the Nozzle to grab the hose
For more information about Attack Line operations please check the HD Fire System Manual.

3.2 Open & Close Valve

The Valve controls the flow of water.
Water Flow is available when the Valve is opened.
Click on the Wheel Valve inside of the Cabinet to operate the Valve.

4) Feedback

Please report all bugs, issues and feature suggestions via:
Instant Message or Notecard to Lares Carter.
Or the HD Website Forms for Suggestions and Bug Reports.

Thank you for your support.