HD Foam Eductor

Version 2022.10.07

Open Changelog


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1) Specifications


- Full Mesh Build
- compatible with HD Attack Line
- adjustable Foam Injection rate
- with access control
- with option for color customization
- with linkable Giver

2) Main Menu

The Main Menu can be brought up by clicking on the colored part of the Foam Eductor.

2.1 Manual

This button will give you a link to the online Manual, which you are reading right now.

2.2 Grab

The Grab option will pick up the Foam Eductor and attach a carried copy to your Avatar via the HD Gear HUD.

2.3 Connect / Disconnect

The Connect and Disconnect buttons let you connect or disconnect the HD Attack Line to the Foam Eductor.
For more details please see 3) Operation

2.4 Access

This option is only available for the rezzed version of the Foam Eductor and allows you to change the access level.
There are three settings: Owner, Group or Anyone.

Owner will limit the rezzed copy to owner only.
Group includes all members of the group the Foam Eductor is set to.
Anyone gives access to everyone.

2.5 Color

This option is only available for the rezzed version of the Eductor.

The Color Menu allows you to change the color of the Foam Eductor.
There are 8 choices available: Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Gray, Yellow and Orange.
You can select 'Custom' to enter a custom color: Custom Color Info

3) Variants

The Foam Eductor is available as 2 variants: the Giver and the Rezzed Version.

3.1) Foam Eductor Giver

The giver is modify enabled and can be linked to modify enabled vehicles.

By default it has no access restrictions and can be picked up by anyone.
You can change the object description to 'Owner' or 'Group' in order to change the access settings.
The setting will update when the Giver is clicked.

Receiving the linked message 'RESTOCK' will restock the Eductor.
You can use the SL Build Tools to adjust the color of the red part.

3.2) Foam Eductor (rez)

The rez version of the Eductor can be directly rezzed from your inventory.
It is ready to be used and you can connect the Attack Line to it.
You can use the Access Menu to adjust who is allowed to interact with it.
The Color Menu lets you change the color of the Foam Eductor.

The Foam Eductor can only be taken back to inventory if the 'Grab' feature has not been used.
Once 'Grab' has been selected it will switch to the Eductor copy from the Gear HUD.

4) Operation

The Foam Eductor can be used with all HD Attack Lines.
This includes the regular Smoothbore and Combi-Nozzle Attack Lines as well as Crosslays.

Connect Attack Line:

- grab a compatible HD Attack Line
- make sure the hose line is not pressurized
- stand next to the Foam Eductor and click on the colored part
- the Eductor will connect in-line with the Attack Line
- you can continue regular use of the Attack Line

Disconnect Attack Line:

- make sure the hose line is not pressurized
- stand next to the Foam Eductor and click on the colored part

Foam Injection:

- grab a compatible HD Foam Jug
- click on the yellow hose to place the Jug
- click on the silver suction wand to insert the wand into the jug
- connect an HD Attack Line with the Foam Eductor as outlined above
- make sure the Attack Line is supplied with water
- click on the black dial to adjust the Foam Injection Percentage via the menu
- you can click on the placed Foam Jug to pick it up again

Additional Details

The following foam injection rates are available:
OFF, 0.3%, 0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5%, 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.0%, 3.5%, 4.0%, 4.5%, 5.0%, 5.5%, 6.0%
OFF will disable the foam injection.

0.3% through 1.5% will discharge Wetting Agent.
The Wetting Agent will use Water Bullets with increased fire suppression power.

2.0% through 6.0% will discharge Foam Agent.
The Foam Agent will use Foam Bullets. 3.0% equals the regular Foam Bullets on the NextGen and Titanium Series.

Rates less than 3.0% will have lower fire suppression power than the regular Foam Bullets.
Rater higher than 3.0% will have higher fire suppression power than the regular Foam Bullets.

Foam will only be injected if the Attack Line is supplied with water.
If the Attack Line Source is supplying Foam on its own then it will take priority.

If a Foam Jug is almost empty then you can quick-swap it with a full Foam Jug.
This will not stop or interrupt the active foam injection.
To swap a Foam Jug:
- grab a compatible HD Foam Jug
- click on the almost empty Foam Jug next to the Foam Eductor
- the two Foam Jugs will be swapped with each other and a confirmation message will be shown in local chat
- discard the almost empty Foam Jug

5) Feedback

Please report all bugs, issues and feature suggestions via:
The HD Website Forms for Suggestions and Bug Reports.
Or Instant Message or Notecard to Lares Carter.

Thank you for your support.