HD Lightbars

HD Lightbar Classic


3 Land Impact (0.7 download / 0.4 physics / 2.8 server)
Object: copy / modify / no transfer
Script: copy / no modify / no transfer
1 Script

NTBI compatibility

This lightbar is compatible with the NTBI Global Mod Link System (GMLS) and pre-configured for the SZYM Paladin.
Instructions for the lightbar installation with GLMS are available here.

When used with the SZYM Paladin the Lightbar will automatically force show the lightbar controls on the GVHUD.
The CUT FRNT and CUT REAR buttons have no function for this lightbar but are automatically shown by the GVHUD whenever lightbar controls are active.


Clicking on the Lightbar as owner will bring up an Options Menu.
The following buttons are available:

- turns the lightbar on/off

Clear Domes
- applies clear dome covers
- this enables each rotator to have an individual color
- rotator color can be changed with these buttons: Left Outer, Left Inner, Right Outer, Right Inner

Color Domes
- applies color tinted dome covers
- the pair of rotators on the left and right side of the lightbar will have the same color
- color for either side can be changed with these buttons: Left Side, Right Side

- optional particle corona effects while the lightbar is on

- optional full bright setting for dome covers while the lightbar is on

- offers a link to this manual

Non-Owner Interaction

Clicking on the lightbar as non-owner will perform an SPT_ACCESS_CHECK.
If access is granted by the root prim via the KR_CHECK_RESP the lightbar script will confirm that the avatar is seated in the vehicle.
Once confirmed the script will toggle the lightbar on/off.

For 3rd party vehicles that do not use the SPT_ACCESS_CHECK it is recommended to use the SET LIGHTBAR linked message to control the lightbar.

Link Messages

The lightbar script can be controlled by other scripts with certain link messages.
Format: llMessageLinked(integer prim, integer num, string message, key id);

message: "SPT_CIRCUIT"
id: "lightbar"
0 for off
1 for on

message: "SET LIGHTBAR"
0 for off
1 for on
-1 to toggle

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Some of the rotators are not spinning while the lightbar is turned on.
A: This is a Second Life issue. You can force an update by right clicking on your vehicle.


Please report all bugs, issues and feature suggestions via:
Instant Message or Notecard to Lares Carter.
Or the HD Website Forms for Suggestions and Bug Reports.

Thank you for your support.