HD Outlet Set

Version 2022.05.27

Open Outlet Set Changelog


0) Welcome

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1) Specifications


- full Mesh build
- includes:
Large Wall Outlet
Small Double Wall Outlet
Small Pipe Mounted Outlet
Small Wall Intake (for roleplay)
Large Wall Intake (for roleplay)
- adjustable GPM flow setting
- with access control
- customization options

2) Main Menu

2.1 Manual

This button will give you a link to the online Manual, which you are reading right now.

2.2 GPM

The GPM Menu allows you to adjust the available water flow in GPM for each outlet.
Small diameter outlets can supply up to 750 GPM.
Large diameter outlets can supply up to 1500 GPM.
The minimum value is 100 GPM.

2.3 Access

This menu allows you to change the permissions on who can connect to the Outlet.
You may set the Access to Owner, Group or Everyone.
Group includes all members of the group that the Outlet is set to.
The Menu is only available for the owner.

2.4 Color

The Color Menu gives you the option to change the color of the Outlet.
The pipe discharge has three different areas available for the color change.
You can either choose one of the available color options or select 'Custom' to enter your custom color.
The color can be entered in various formats:
Vector: R G B or R,G,B or <R,G,B> within range [0,255] or [0.0,1.0]

2.5 Texture

(only available on Wall Outlet)
The Texture Menu gives you the option to change the texture of the backplate on the Wall Outlets.
You can select 'Wall Hydrant' to restore the default texture. 'Hide' will turn the backplate invisible.
If you select 'Custom' you can enter the UUID for a texture of your choice.

2.6 Fix Rot

The Fix Rot button will activate the Rotation Adjustment Tool.
The Pipe Outlet can be mounted in various rotations, but the outlet direction has to stay parallel with the ground.
The Fix Rot will change the Outlet to the closest valid rotation that allows visually correct hose connections.
The Small Wall Outlet is more limited for rotations as the outlets are mounted at a specific angle.

HD Outlet Set Fix Rot Comparison

2.7 Hide/Show Mount

(only available on Pipe Outlet)
The 'Hide Mount' and 'Show Mount' buttons allow you to trigger the visibility of the Pipe Mount.
This can be helpful to rez the Outlet without a pipe.

3) Features

3.1 Hose Connection

The outlets are compatible with the HD Fire System 2 Attack Lines and Supply Lines.
You can check the HD Fire System Manual for further information about the Hose Lines.
To connect a hose you first have to remove the cap.
Click the cap and hold down the mouse button until the cap disappears.
You can replace the cap by repeating the same procedure.
The Wall Intakes do not work as part of a standpipe system.
They were added to the Set based on a popular suggestion for roleplay purposes.
They will consume any water that is supplied to them without forwarding it to any other component.

3.2 Open & Close Valve

The Outlet Valve controls the flow of water.
Hoses can only be connected while the Valve is closed.
Water Flow is available when the Valve is opened.
On the Pipe Outlet you can click on the crank to open/close the valve.
For the Wall Outlet you can click on the smaller port below or next to the main outlet.
This will enable the wrench, which you can click to open/close the valve.

4) Feedback

Please report all bugs, issues and feature suggestions via:
Instant Message or Notecard to Lares Carter.
Or the HD Website Forms for Suggestions and Bug Reports.

Thank you for your support.