HD NextGen Quickstart Guide

Version 2016.10.21

This is the Quickstart Guide for the HD NextGen Apparatus, which covers the basic topics.
For a more detailed explanation of the functions please refer to the HD Apparatus Manual.

The best way to get to know your truck is exploring it.
Just go through the different menus and see what each option does.
You can't break anything by playing with the menus.
The following sections will help you with common topics:


1) How do I drive the trucks?

Click on the bumper and in the menu select 'Get HUD'. Accept the inventory offer and attach the HUD.
Right click on the bumper of the truck you wish to drive and select 'Board'.
You can shift gears with the page up and page down keys. The current gear is indicated on the HUD.
Alternatively you can use the E and C keys on your keyboard to switch the active gear.
In order to be able to drive you'll need to deactivate the parking brake - it's the big yellow square button on the HUD.
The up arrow key accelerates and the down arrow key activates the brakes.
Different than most vehicles in Second Life the HD apparatus does not auto-switch to reverse when you keep pressing the down arrow key.
To drive backwards you'll need to shift into the 'R' gear and then accelerate.
You can steer by using the left and right arrow keys.
Most of the functions are controlled through the HUD. You can click on the question mark button to receive a copy of the HUD manual.

2) What are the Access settings?

The access settings control who will be able to drive the truck, control it or connect hose lines.
'Owner' means it's limited to the vehicle owner.
'Group' includes everyone that has the same group active that the truck is set to.
'Everyone' allows every resident of Second Life to use the truck.
Add, Show and Remove control the whitelist. The whitelist is a list with avatar names that you can manage.
The whiltelist counts in addition to the regular access setting.
You can add up to 50 entries to the whitelist.

3) What are the settings in the 'Options' menu?

- ARO stands for Anti Roll Over system. It makes sure that the trucks don't tilt and roll over. You can select different settings based on your preferences.
- Cust. Siren gives you the ability to install a single sound via its UUID that can be activated through the HUD
- Steering controls the turn radius of the truck. Arcade is the default setting and allows for tighter turns.
- Brakes controls the power of the brakes. Arcade is the default setting and leads to faster stopping.
- Rename gives you the option to enter a new name for the truck.
- Repair Doors is only available for trucks with the commercial cab. If you leave the doors open while driving and crash into something it might happen that you rip them off. This option will repair any damage that has been done.

4) How do I customize my truck?

In order to give your truck a unique look you have a lot of changeable options.
To start customizing it open the main menu by touching the bumper and select 'Customize'.
A hover text will indicate that the customization mode is active. Select 'Customize' again to exit when you are done.
You can change things simply by clicking on them. Either it will bring up a menu or trigger different settings directly.
If nothing happens then you can't change that part.
Here is a list of things that can be adjusted on the NextGen Trucks:
  • - wheel cap color
  • - lightbar style
  • - lightbar color
  • - side and rear strobe color
  • - front strobe color
  • - coloring theme
  • - chevron pattern for the rear
  • - coloring for the aerial parts
  • For the trucks with the NextGen standard cab:
  • - US flag option for the front grille
  • - flipping the mirrors
  • - switching between raised and flat roof

5) How do I change the theme?

Please make sure that you are in Custmize Mode.
Click on the side compartment area to select a different theme.
Click on the rear compartment area to select a chevron pattern.

6) How do I apply my custom decals?

This is handled different than for most vehicles in Second Life.
Instead of predefined texture areas we have included a couple of templates.
Unpack the templates box that comes with each truck and read the disclaimer to see which conditions do apply.
If you agree to the conditions then you can download the templates by selecting them in your inventory and double clicking on them.
The download option is either available directly within the texture window or through the top menu bar - this depends on the viewer you are using.
Save a copy to the hard drive of your computer and edit it with your favorite program. Once you are done you have to re-upload the texture.
To apply your texture please follow these steps:
  • - right click on the texture in your inventory and select 'Copy Asset UUID'
  • - activate the 'Customize' mode of the truck
  • - click on the area where you wish to apply your texture
  • - enter the UUID of the texture into the text box that pops up
  • - click on 'Submit'
  • - click on the side compartment of the truck to open up the theme menu
  • - select 'Custom' as theme
  • - select 'Setup' -> 'Base Theme' to adjust the color of the rest of the truck

7) What is the Road Align Mode?

Most cities in Second Life use a grid-like road network, parallel to the region borders.
For those city types the Road Align mode can be a great assistant: it aligns the vehicle with the region axis when within close proximity.
How exactly does it work? Just give it a try and you'll get a feeling for it.
The align mode can be switched on and off via the HUD.

8) What is the Parking Mode?

Steering vehicles with keyboard buttons can be tricky as it lacks giving precise input.
All HD vehicles are equipped with a Parking Mode to help with that problem.
The Parking Mode makes the acceleration, maximum speed and steering less intense to help with parking maneuvers.
You can activate the Parking Mode via the HUD.

9) Where do I get the NTBI Global Fuel System pumps?

All current HD vehicles are equipped with the NTBI Global Fuel System and fully compatible with it.
The tank takes up to 30.0 Gallons of Diesel fuel and gives the vehicle a range of about 50.0 miles.
The fuel efficiency is circa 1.70 Miles Per Gallon. The values can vary per vehicle, please check the specific manual.

For further information about the NTBI GFS and how to get a copy of the pumps please read the NTBI GFS Wiki.