Skid Unit

Version 2022.03.08

Open Changelog


0) Welcome

Thank you for purchasing the Skid Unit from HD Emergency.

If you are experiencing any problems with your product, please be sure that you have read this manual in its entirety and you fully understand its contents.
If at any point this manual does not help you please join the HD Emergency Equipment and supplies group and ask your question within the group chat.
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1) Specifications


- full Mesh build
- fully interactive
- GMLS compatible
- NTBI GFS compatible
- with overheating failure
- small intake, small discharge, booster line
- 140 / 200 / 280 gallon version for S/M/L truck bed
- water fill tower
- small hosebed with supply line and attack line (combi-nozzle or smoothbore option)
- tool tray with hydrant wrench, cheater pipe, hydrant gate and flares
- with access control
- with modify permission

2) Main Menu

To open the Main Menu click on the water tank of the Skid Unit.
The following buttons are available in the main menu:

2.1 Gear HUD

The Skid Unit is compatible with the HD Gear HUD, which is distributed by a centralized server within Second Life.
To get a copy of the latest version simply select 'Gear HUD' in the main menu.
The Gear HUD handles most of the equipment on the HD Vehicles.
You will not be able to use the compatible equipment without having the Gear HUD attached.
For more information on the features of the Gear HUD please consult the HD Fire System 2 Manual.

2.2 Info Text

This button will toggle the Info Text option.
The Hover Text will only be shown while the ignition switch is set to 'On'.
White text means that the pump is not running.
Red text means that the pump impeller is not circulating damage and will overheat eventually.
Green text means that the pump impeller is circulating water.

The hover text shows the following information:
- Tank: amount of water in the tank shown as current / maximum
- Demand: amount of water demanded by all connected hose lines
- Supply: amount of water the pump is flowing to all connected hose lines
- Tank Fill: amount of water refilling the tank
- Tank 2 Pump: amount of water flowing from the tank to the pump
- Throttle: position of the throttle lever
- Temperature: temperature of the pump impeller
- Damage: only shown if the pump took damage due to overheating, inoperable at 100% damage
- Fuel: amount of gasoline in the fuel tank shown as current / maximum

2.3 Manual

This button will give you a link to this online Manual.

2.4 Restock

This will restock all equipment of the Skid Unit in case any of it was lost.

2.5 Access

Button available for owner only.
This menu allows you to change the permissions on who can operate the Skid Unit.
You may set the Access to Owner, Group, Anyone or Paladin.
'Group' includes all members of the group that the Skid Unit is set to.
'Paladin' will forward all access checks to the Paladin access controls.

2.6 Fix Offsets

Button available for owner only.
This option will adjust all child prim positions and rotations relative to the Skid Unit water tank.
This can be useful to easily move the Skid Unit while it is linked to a vehicle.
Start by moving the water tank to the correct position and rotation.
Then select 'Fix Offsets' in the menu to adjust all other components.
Child Prims will only be moved after the confirmation dialog has been answered with 'Yes'.

2.7 Fuel System

Button available for owner only.
The Skid Unit is compatible with the NTBI Global Fuel System.
This button will toggle the Fuel System to enabled or disabled.
The fuel tank holds up to 3 gallons of gasoline.
At idle the fuel tank will last for approximately 100 minutes.
At 100% throttle it will last for circa 25 minutes.

2.8 Nozzle Type

Button available for owner only.
This will switch the Attack Line on the small hosebed between the Combi-Nozzle and Smoothbore option.

2.9 Fix Pump

Button only available if pump has taken damage.
The Skid Unit can break due to overheating.
It will take damage if the pump is running at temperatures higher than 120°F.
To fix the pump make sure you are carrying the HD Tool Box.
A Tool Box giver is included in the delivery box for the Skid Unit.
While carrying the Tool Box select 'Fix Pump' in the main menu to repair all damage.

3) Setup

3.1 Global Mod Link System (GMLS)

The Skid Unit is compatible with the NTBI Global Mod Link System (GMLS) and pre-configured for the SZYM Paladin.
The S/M/L variant of the Skid Unit are the perfect size for the respective S/M/L variants of the SZYM Paladin.
The smaller Skid Units are also configured to be placed in the bigger pickup truck beds.
They will automatically line up with the tailgate and leave space towards the cab.
Instructions for the Skid Unit installation with GLMS are available here.

3.2 Other Vehicles

The Skid Unit can also be used with any other modify enabled vehicle.
For full functionality it is required to copy the '*HD Interaction Script' from the Skid Unit control panel into the root prim of the vehicle.
Refueling with the NTBI Global Fuel System will only work if the vehicle internal refueling is inactive while the Skid Unit fuel filler cap is removed.
The linked message 'HD_SET_REFUELING' is sent while the cap is removed.
The linked message is set to 1 for Skid Unit refueling active and 0 for inactive.

3.3 Pipes

The Skid Unit comes with several different pipe versions.
You can link them to the pump to change the position of the booster line.
The following versions are available:
HDSU_PipesDriver: Booster Reel on driver side
HDSU_PipesPass: Booster Reel on passenger side
HDSU_PipesRear: Booster Reel facing the rear
HDSU_PipesNone: no visible hose connection for free Booster Reel placement

The Skid Unit will always use the Pipes variant that was linked last.
Any previous Pipes will be automatically moved out of the way and can be unlinked and deleted.

3.4 Water Tank

The Skid Unit comes with 3 different water tank sizes.

The following tank sizes are available:
S: 140 gallons, fits Paladin S/M/L beds
M: 200 gallons, fits Paladin M/L beds
L: 280 gallons, fits Paladin L bed

The water tank has a fill meter indicator.
The darker part shows how much water is left in the tank.

On top of the tank is a water fill tower that is compatible with the HD Refill Pipes.
Using version 2022.03.08 or newer of the Refill Pipe will automatically adjust the particle size to better fit the fill tower.
There is no functional difference when using any of the older Refill Pipe versions.

4) Operation

4.1 Pumping

The HD Skid Unit has a small diameter Intake and small diameter Discharge.

It also has a Booster Line Hose Reel.
The booster line can be re-colored with the SL Build Tools.
The attached booster hose will automatically color-match the current color of the hose reel.

The water tank, pipes, rubber hose, pump housing, pump frame and controls mounting panel can also easily be re-colored.

To start the pump:
- set Ignition switch from 'Off' to 'On' position
- depress Start button
- use Throttle lever to control pump power

To stop the pump:
- set Throttle lever to 0-Position
- set Ignition switch from 'On' to 'Off' position

The Pump does not need to be running in order to refill the tank from a pressurized source of water.

4.2 Valves

The Skid Unit is equipped with several valves.
Each valve can be set to open (handled parallel with pipe) or closed (handle perpendicular to pipe).

The following valves are installed:
Intake: controls incoming flow of water
Discharge: controls outgoing flow of water
Tank 2 Pump: controls water going from Tank to Pump
Tank Fill: controls water going from Pump to Tank
Booster: controls water going from Pump to Booster Line (Hose Reel)

4.3 Overheating

The pump will overheat if it is run for extended amounts of time without flowing water through the impeller.
If the Info Text is active then the text will show as red while no water is flowing.
Green indicates that water is flowing through the pump.

You can circulate water through the pump by opening both the Tank 2 Pump and Tank Fill valve.
This only works if the tank has at least some water remaining in it.

Temperature range:
60°F: ambient temperature while pump is off
75°F: operating temperature
120°F: overheating temperature
above 120°F: pump will take damage

Running the pump at higher throttle settings will change the temperature faster.
The pump will slowly cool down while not running.
The 'Fix Pump' option in the main menu can be used to repair any damage.

4.4 Refueling

The Skid Unit is compatible with the NTBI Global Fuel System (GFS).
It has a 3.00 gallon fuel tank and requires gasoline.
In order to refuel the pump first click on the fuel filler cap to remove it.
Then use the NTBI GFS Fuel Pump to refill the fuel tank.

If the Skid Unit is linked to the SZYM Paladin then the '*HD Interaction Script' is automatically copied to the vehicle root prim.
This is necessary in order to overwrite the regular fuel target by deactivating the Paladin refueling system.
The overwrite is active for as long as the fuel filler cap is removed.
The filler cap should only be removed while refueling the Skid Unit.

If the Skid Unit is linked to any other 3rd Party Vehicle then it is required to manually copy the '*HD Interaction Script'.
To do so take a copy of the script from the Skid Unit control panel to your inventory.
Then drop the script from your inventory into the root prim of the vehicle.

5) Equipment

The Skid Unit comes with a selection of Equipment from HD Emergency.
All of the HD Equipment requires to have the HD Gear HUD attached in order to work properly.

Small Hosebed
The Skid Unit has a small Hosebed mounted on the top of the water tank.
The hosebed carries a Small Supply Line and an Attack Line.
The Attack Line Type can be set to Combi Nozzle or Smoothbore via the Options Menu.
Both hose lines can be re-colored with the SL Build Tools.
The distributed hose will automatically color-match the current color.

Tool Tray
A tray with a selection of tools is available next to the Pump.
It comes with 4 items: Hydrant Wrench, Cheater Pipe, Hydrant Gate and Flares.
The Wrench, Pipe and Gate can be used with the Hydrant CE.
The Flares can be used to illuminate the area.

Tool Box Giver
The Tool Box is used to repair the HD Skid Unit after it has taken overheating damage.
A Tool Box Giver is available in the delivery box.
It comes with modify permission and can be linked to other objects.
If no Gear HUD has been detected then an HUD copy will be automatically requested from the HD Server for you.
The object description can be used to adjust the automatic restock time.
Setting it to 0 will disable the automatic restock option.
Sending the linked message 'RESTOCK' via a script to the Giver Object will force a restock.

6) Feedback

Please report all bugs, issues and feature suggestions via:
Instant Message or Notecard to Lares Carter.
Or the HD Website Forms for Suggestions and Bug Reports.

Thank you for your support.