HD Automatic Transmission

This is the Manual for the HD Automatic Transmission.
For individual vehicle features please refer to the specific Vehicle Manual.


The following vehicles use the HD Automatic Transmission:

Parking Brake

The Parking Brake controls if the vehicle has physics behavior enabled.
Physics will remain disabled if the vehicle is in Park Gear.


Park (P)
- disables physics to keep the vehicle stationary
- the vehicle can not be towed while in Park Gear
Reverse (R)
- vehicle will reverse when the accelerator is pressed
- activates audio warning (if equipped) and reverse indicator lights
Neutral (N)
- switches the transmission into idle
- no force is applied if accelerator is pressed
Drive (D)
- vehicle will move forward when the accelerator is pressed
- gears will be automatically switched based on speed
- allows for full range of speed
2nd Gear (2)
- limits the transmission to the 2nd gear
- gives increased power for uphill driving
- limits top speed to circa 35 MPH
1st Gear (1)
- limits the transmission to the 1st gear
- gives highest power for uphill driving
- limits top speed to circa 15 MPH

The following sections will help you answer common questions:


1) How do I drive the vehicle?

Left-Click on the vehicle and select 'Modular HUD' from the main menu.
Accept the inventory offer from the Central HD Server and attach the Modular HUD from your inventory.
Right-Click on the vehicle and select 'Board' from the context menu.
You can shift gears with the Page Up and Page Down keys.
It is only possible to switch from Neutral into Drive or Reverse at low speeds.
The active gear is indicated on the dashboard as well as on the Modular HUD.
The up arrow key accelerates and the down arrow key activates the brakes.
In order to be able to drive you need to release the parking brake - it's the big yellow square button on the Modular HUD.
Use the Page Up and Down keys to switch the transmission into 'D' (Drive) and press the Acceleration key.
Once the desired speed has been reached let go of the Acceleration key.
The vehicle will maintain the current speed on its own. To switch into coasting mode simply tap the Brakes key once.
To drive backwards you need to shift the transmission into 'R' (Reverse) and then accelerate.
You can steer by using the left and right arrow keys.
Most of the functions are controlled through the Modular HUD.
You can click on the question mark button to receive a copy of the HUD manual.

2) What is the Road Align Mode?

Most cities in Second Life use a grid-like road network, parallel to the region borders.
For those city types the Road Align mode can be a great assistant: it aligns the vehicle with the region axis when within close proximity.
How exactly does it work? Just give it a try and you will get a feeling for it.
The align mode can be switched on and off via the Modular HUD 'Align' option.

3) What is the Parking Mode?

Steering vehicles with keyboard buttons can be tricky as it lacks giving precise input.
All HD vehicles are equipped with a Parking Mode to help with that problem.
The Parking Mode makes the acceleration, maximum speed and steering less intense to help with parking maneuvers.
You can activate the Parking Mode via the Modular HUD 'Parking' option.

4) What is the ARO-System?

The Anti-Roll-Over (ARO) System helps avoiding roll over accidents.
If a sidewards tipping angle is detected the System will try to counteract the force in order to keep the vehicle upright.
The effectiveness of the ARO-System is limited so roll over accidents can still occur under certain conditions.
To adjust the strength of the ARO-System or to turn it off completely select ARO in the Options Menu of the vehicle.

5) Where do I get the NTBI Global Fuel System pumps?

All current HD vehicles are equipped with the NTBI Global Fuel System and fully compatible with it.
For information about the fuel tank size, fuel type, range and MPG rating please check the Vehicle Manual.

For further information about the NTBI GFS and how to get a copy of the pumps please read the NTBI GFS Wiki.