Version 2022.09.26

Open Gear HUD Changelog

The Gear HUD handles most of the equipment on the HD Vehicles.
Requested equipment will be rezzed by the Gear HUD and then temp-attach to your avatar.
You will not be able to use the compatible equipment without having the Gear HUD attached.

The Gear HUD is distributed by a centralized server within Second Life.
To get a copy of the latest version simply select 'Gear HUD' in the main menu of your vehicle.


Smoke Simulation
- only available if RLV is enabled
- detects objects called 'SMOKE' and will adjust graphics settings based on proximity to limit visibility

Auto Attach
- only available if RLV is enabled
- will override attach permissions dialog and automatically grant required permission

- will set access setting for equipment that supports restricted access
- compatible equipment: Gated Wye, Siamese, Couplers, Drop Tank

- will toggle between Metric and Imperial units shown for items with limited range (hose lines & cables)

Hose Line Drop Feature

This feature allows you to drop hose lines to the floor and pick them up again at a later point of time.
Using this feature requires compatible connection ports.

Fully compatible:
- Everything that starts with a 2022 version number

Context Menus

- context menus show item specific options as circles above the Gear HUD
- Attack Lines will allow you to open/close the valve
- Attack Lines with Combination Nozzles allow you to set the fog pattern angle
- Supply Lines allow you to use the Gated Wye (split), Siamese (merge) and Couplers (extend)
> the Supply Line options are direction dependent and will only show once the hose line has been connected to an intake or discharge
> a small blue arrow will indicate which side the hose line will be connected to

Interaction Menus

- interaction menus will show different choices for touched items
- this allows for more complex interactions with the equipment
- it eliminates the need for performing long touches or remembering specific touch areas
- Example: HD Electric Fan allows to select between picking up the fan, turning it on/off or grabbing its plug and cable

Select HUD:
- optional Select HUD is available via the menu button 'SelectHUD'
- the Select HUD allows the interaction menu to live track the active equipment in-world and will always be positioned next to it
- the interaction menu will automatically hide if it would be positioned partly outside of the visible screen area
- zooming out or changing the camera angle will display it again

- if 'Use Dialog' is enabled then all interactions are shown via the default Second Life dialog menus
- otherwise if the Select HUD is attached then all interactions are handled via the optional Select HUD
- otherwise all interactions are handled directly by the Gear HUD