Version 2021.10.18

Open Gear HUD Changelog

The Gear HUD handles most of the equipment on the HD Vehicles.
Requested equipment will be rezzed by the Gear HUD and then temp-attach to your avatar.
You will not be able to use the compatible equipment without having the Gear HUD attached.

The Gear HUD is distributed by a centralized server within Second Life.
To get a copy of the latest version simply select 'Gear HUD' in the main menu of your vehicle.


Smoke Simulation
- only available if RLV is enabled
- detects objects called 'SMOKE' and will adjust graphics settings based on proximity to limit visibility

Auto Attach
- only available if RLV is enabled
- will override attach permissions dialog and automatically grant required permission

- will set access setting for equipment that supports restricted access
- compatible equipment: Gated Wye, Siamese, Couplers, Drop Tank

- will toggle between Metric and Imperial units shown for items with limited range (hose lines & cables)

Hose Line Drop Feature

The Drop Feature for the HD Hose Lines is currently in beta testing.
It allows you to drop hose lines to the floor and pick them up again at a later point of time.
Using this feature requires compatible connection ports.

Fully compatible:
- Hydrant CE

Update in development:
- Legacy Pumper
- One Series
- Titanium ARFF Series
- NextGen Series
- Portable Pump
- Wall Outlets
- Ground Monitor

Context Menus

- context menus show item specific options as circles above the Gear HUD
- Attack Lines will allow you to open/close the valve
- Attack Lines with Combination Nozzles allow you to set the fog pattern angle
- Supply Lines allow you to use the Gated Wye (split), Siamese (merge) and Couplers (extend)
> the Supply Line options are direction dependent and will only show once the hose line has been connected to an intake or discharge
> a small blue arrow will indicate which side the hose line will be connected to

Interaction Menus

- interaction menus will show different choices for touched items
- this allows for more complex interactions with the equipment
- it eliminates the need for performing long touches or remembering specific touch areas
- Example: HD Electric Fan allows to select between picking up the fan, turning it on/off or grabbing its plug and cable

Select HUD:
- optional Select HUD is available via the menu button 'SelectHUD'
- the Select HUD allows the interaction menu to live track the active equipment in-world and will always be positioned next to it
- the interaction menu will automatically hide if it would be positioned partly outside of the visible screen area
- zooming out or changing the camera angle will display it again

- if 'Use Dialog' is enabled then all interactions are shown via the default Second Life dialog menus
- otherwise if the Select HUD is attached then all interactions are handled via the optional Select HUD
- otherwise all interactions are handled directly by the Gear HUD