S2 Health Pack 21

This is the Manual for the S2 Health Pack 21.
For individual vehicle features please refer to the specific Vehicle Manual.

Clicking on the Health Pack will bring up the main menu.


If the health pack is part of a vehicle then the Move menu allows you to move it between different positions.
It also has the option to select 'Take' in order to grab the Health Pack.


The Health Pack can be picked up by selecting 'Take' from the menu.
You need to have the HD Gear HUD attached in order to grab a copy of the Health Pack.
While attached you can click on the Health Pack in 3rd person view to rez it next to you.
If mouselook is active the Health Pack will attempt to rez a copy at the spot of the cross-hair.
This require a flat surface that is within close proximity to your avatar.


This switches the HealthPack on or off.


This allows you select one of seven heart rate graph patterns.
Disconnect will clear any active heart rate.
If the heart rate gets too low or high a warning will sound.
You can click on the warning on the top right of the screen to acknowledge it.
The Health Pack is also able to detect Ventricular Fibrillation and sound a special warning tone.
The patient is able to select a pattern, but can not select 'Disconnect'.

AED Mode

This will start the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) mode sequence.
The screen will guide you through the process.
If the patient has one of the following rhythms: Irregular, WCT or v-fib then a shock will be advised.
The unit will automatically charge for Defibrillation.
Once charged you can click on the screen to discharge the shock.
By default the outcome will be random. If the Overwrite feature has been activated then it will match the selection.


The Overwrite Menu will let you pre-determine the outcome of the Defibrillation sequence.
It is only available when the AED Mode begins charging and the shock has not been administered yet.
This can be especially helpful in certain Roleplay scenarios.
The patient is able to select an outcome too.
Whichever selection was made last will remain active.