HD Medical Stretcher

This is the Manual for the HD Medical Stretcher.
For individual vehicle features please refer to the specific Vehicle Manual.

Two modes of operation are available for the Stretcher: Linked and Unlinked.

The Stretcher that is loaded in the Ambulance when first rezzed is the Linked Stretcher.
Only the Linked Stretcher can be unloaded and loaded into the Ambulance.
Using a Linked Stretcher eliminates the need to transfer the patient during the loading process.
The range is limited to 45 meters from the position of the Ambulance.

For increased range you can select 'REZ' in the Stretcher Menu while controlling it.
This will switch to the Unlinked Mode. You need to have Rez Rights for the parcel and use the latest Gear HUD version.
Additionally, if a Patient is laying on the Stretcher they will need to transfer to the other Stretcher.
If the Patient is wearing the latest HD Gear HUD and has RLV enabled they will be automatically transferred.
Otherwise, an info message will be displayed to them and all they need to do is click on the visible Stretcher and sit on it.
In order to load the Stretcher back into Ambulance you need to select 'DE-REZ' in the menu, which works similar to the REZ.