HD Modular HUD

The Modular HUD is compatible with all vehicles released by HD Emergency.
It is not compatible with HD Marine 1. Please use the Boat HUD for Marine 1.

The HUD will automatically synchronize with the vehicle if you sit down on a compatible control station.
It will also synchronize if you're already sitting and attach the HD Modular HUD afterwards.

General Controls:
Question Mark: Sends you this Manual.
Dash: Minimize Active HUD
Cross: Exit Vehicle

For vehicle specific functions please check the vehicle manual.

- fixed invisible Emergency Light Controls for Panther Type 2, Type 2 X and Type 3
- fixed invisible Drafting controls
- fixed Wig-Wag and Roto-Ray are reversed for sync with Legacy Pumper
- added support for Legacy Pumper
- added missing HD Gestures Pack (available by clicking on the question mark)