Fire Hydrant
Chief Edition

Version 2022.11.23

Open Manual

Known Issues

  • - AutoFix option fails to properly repair hydrant and gets it stuck
  • report a bug here

Version 2022.11.23

  • - fixed Auto Fix setting fails to repair run over hydrant and removes 'Repair' button from menu

Version 2022.10.07

  • - fixed Group Access setting no longer works

Version 2022.10.03

  • - fixed 'Lost target.' message shows when manually deleting Hydrant Wrench and clicking on top of Hydrant
  • - now automatically clears Hydrant Wrench association on Hydrant
  • - fixed being able to place more than one Hydrant Wrench on the Hydrant
  • - now deletes older wrenches and only keeps the newest one
  • - fixed invisible hydrant copy blocks opening menu after Hydrant has been knocked over
  • - fixed driving over Shutoff Valve Cover can cause Hydrant to be knocked over
  • - fixed Hydrant fails to supply water after connecting a Supply Line
  • - fixed script error when using Dialog option for Gear HUD (requires HD Gear HUD v2022.09.26)
  • - fixed Hydrant Gate is not fully compatible with Hose Line Drop Feature (requires HD Gear HUD v2022.09.26)
  • - fixed driving into Hydrant while Hydrant Owner is offline on a parcel without offline rez permissions gets Hydrant stuck and unresponsive
  • - added a 5 second timeout for rez attempts to fix the issue

Version 2022.02.09

  • Public Release Version
  • Thank you to everyone who has provided suggestions and feedback during the development.
  • Thank you to everyone who has helped beta test the Hydrant CE Project!