Fire Hydrant
Chief Edition

Version 2022.11.23

Open Changelog


0) Welcome

Thank you for purchasing the Hydrant CE from HD Emergency.

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1) Specifications


- full Mesh build
- fully interactive
- can be flushed and run over
- with failure modes
- one large and two small discharges
- 300 to 2000 GPM water supply
- with access control
- color & texture customization
- with modify permission

2) Main Menu

To open the Main Menu click on the bottom pipe of the Hydrant.
This menu is only available for the owner.

2.1 Manual

This button will give you a link to this online Manual.

2.2 Access

This menu allows you to change the permissions on who can operate the Hydrant CE.
You may set the Access to Owner, Group or Anyone.
Group includes all members of the group that the Hydrant CE is set to.

2.3 Flow

The Flow Menu allows you to adjust the water supply for the Hydrant CE.
The valid range is 300 to 2000 GPM. The default setting is 750 GPM.
A connected Large Supply Line can deliver up to 1500 GPM.
A connected Small Supply Line can deliver up to 750 GPM.
Entering 'Random' will set a random flow between 300 and 2000 GPM.

2.4 Color

The Color Menu gives you the option to change the color of the Hydrant CE.
First you can select which area to color: Bonnet, Barrel, Pipe, Cap Large and Cap Small.
By default the Bonnet and Caps are set to Color-Match the setting for the Barrel.

The Bonnet has the option to apply a Color-Code:
The Color-Code will automatically change the color of the Bonnet based on the Hydrant Flow setting.
This helps the Fire Department to easily identify the capabilities of the Hydrant.
Above 1500 GPM Flow: Blue
1000 to 1500 GPM Flow: Green
500 to 1000 GPM Flow: Orange
Below 500 GPM Flow: Red

You can either choose one of the available color options or select 'Custom' to enter your custom color.
The Custom Color can be entered in various formats:
Vector: R G B or R,G,B or <R,G,B> within range [0,255] or [0.0,1.0]
Applying a custom color will also tint some of the texture details (scratches, rust, etc.) due to the technical limitations of Second Life.
For a fully detailed Hydrant with a custom color please use the Texture Templates.

2.5 Texture

The Texture Menu lets you apply full custom paintjobs.
The paintjobs will respect the individual color settings for each individual parts.
To apply the full paintjob make sure that the Bonnet and Caps are set to 'Color-Match'.

The following special Paintjobs are available: 'Dalmation', 'USA', 'Bear' and 'Firefighter'.
There is a 'Color Guide' option that matches the respective layer in the Templates file.
You can select 'Custom' to enter your own custom texture UUID.
The scripted texture menu ensures that the custom texture is also applied to the crashed hydrant copy and hydrant tool.
Textures applied by using the Second Life Build Tools will not synchronize due to technical limitations.

The 'Specular' and 'Bump' option can be used to change the materials settings.
The specular map option also allows to enter a color, glossiness value and environment value.
The color accepts the same input as the Custom Color option of the Color Menu.
Example: e7c7b715-66fc-486e-f91c-2572d7974d92, 0xFFFFFF, 30, 10
This will apply a custom specular texture with a full white color, glossiness of 30 and environment setting of 10.

2.6 Decal

The Decal Menu lets you apply a unit number or decal texture.
Entering a number between 0 and 9999 will apply a centered unit number to the barrel of the Hydrant.
This can be useful for Fire Departments in some areas to identify specific hydrants.
Entering a texture UUID will apply it to the decal area. The aspect ratio is 2:1.

2.7 Failure

The Failure Menu allows to generate specific failures.
Each of the three Caps can be set to either 'Stuck' or 'Loose'.
The 'Stuck' option will require the use of the 'Cheater Pipe' to unscrew it.
The 'Loose' option will dislodge the cap when the stem valve is opened.
There are also two additional toggle options:
The 'Valve Stuck' option will require the 'Cheater Pipe' in order to operate the stem nut.
There is a random chance that the Stem Valve Rod will shear off when force is applied with the cheater pipe.
The 'Valve Broken' option will render the Stem Valve inoperable.
It can be fixed by carrying the HD Tool Box and selecting 'Fix Stem' in the Hydrant Menu.

2.8 Options

The Options Menu contains various options to configure the Hydrant CE.
The 'Rand. Fail' option will activate failures to happen on their own.
The 'Crashable' option controls if the hydrant can be run over by vehicles.
The 'Geyser' sub-menu controls the likelihood of a water geyser to appear when the hydrant is run over.
The default setting is 'Rare' as most dry barrel hydrants will seal properly when run over.
The 'Auto-Fix' option will automatically fix the hydrant 5 minutes after it has been run over.

3) Features

Run-Over Hydrant
If the 'Crashable' option is active then the Hydrant can be run over by vehicles.
If a water geyser occurs then this will decrease water supply to all hydrants within a 100 meter radius.

Open Caps
Any open caps without a connected hose will decrease the available water supply for all other hydrant discharges.
An open large discharge will use up half of the available water supply.
An open small discharge will use up a quarter of the available water supply.

Hydrant Bag & Tool Box Giver
A Hydrant Bag Giver and Tool Box Giver are available in the delivery box.
They are available with modify permission and can be linked to other objects.
The HD Gear HUD is required in order to use the Giver Objects.
If no Gear HUD has been detected then an HUD copy will be automatically requested from the HD Server for you.
The object description can be used to adjust the automatic restock time.
Setting it to 0 will disable the automatic restock option.
Sending the linked message 'RESTOCK' via a script to the Giver Object will force a restock.

4) Operation

This section has descriptions of the individual components for the Hydrant CE.

Remove Caps
1) Acquire Hydrant Tool
2) Click on cap to be removed
3) Wait for Hydrant Tool to be moved to the cap nut
4) Click on Hydrant Tool and select 'Remove Cap'

Replace Caps
1) Click on opening of connection
2) Select 'Replace Cap'

Operate Stem Valve
1) Acquire Hydrant Tool
2) Click on Bonnet or Stem Nut
3) Wait for Hydrant Tool to be moved to the stem nut
4) Click on Hydrant Tool and select 'Open Valve' or 'Close Valve'

Fix Run-Over Hydrant
1) Acquire Shutoff Key
2) Click on Shutoff Valve and select 'Remove Cover'
3) Click on Shutoff Valve and select 'Place Key'
4) Wait for Shutoff Key to be moved to the Shutoff Valve
5) Click on Shutoff Key and select 'Close Valve'
6) Open Hydrant Menu and select 'Fix Hydrant'

5) Components

This section contains an overview of the Hydrant components and compatible gear.

Shutoff Valve
Controls the flow of water from the water main to the Hydrant.
Can be operated with the Shutoff Key.
For default setup:
- handlebar pointing at hydrant: valve is open
- handlebar cross towards hydrant: valve is closed

Hydrant Bag
Available via the compartment on Legacy Series and One Series.
Available via Equipment Menu on Titanium Series and NextGen Series.

Contains all of the equipment for the Hydrant CE:
- Hydrant Wrench
- Cheater Pipe
- 2x Small Discharge Gate
- Sprinkler Cap
- Out of Service Marker
- Hydrant Key (compact)

A Hydrant Bag and Tool Box Giver are available in the delivery box.
For further details please check the Features section of this manual.

Hydrant Wrench
Available via the Hydrant Bag.
Available via the Hand Tools compartment on Legacy Series, One Series and Titanium Series.

Used to remove the discharge caps on the Hydrant and to operate the stem valve.

Cheater Pipe
Available via the Hydrant Bag.

Used to increase the applied torque with the Hydrant Wrench.
Can be helpful to remove stuck Caps or operate stuck Stem Valve.
When used on a stuck stem valve there is a random chance that the Stem Rod will shear off.

Small Discharge Gate
Available via the Hydrant Bag.

Can be attached to the small discharge of the Hydrant.
Useful to connect a small Supply Line without having to disturb the water supply via the large Discharge.

Shutoff Key
Available via the Hydrant Bag.

Used to operate the Shutoff Valve.

Sprinkler Cap
Available via the Hydrant Bag.

Can be attached to the large Discharge of the Hydrant.
Perfect to cool down during hot Summer days.

Out of Service Marker
Available via the Hydrant Bag.

Can be attached to the large Discharge of the Hydrant.
Easily mark the Hydrant as Out of Service.
Tool Box
Available via the compartment on One Series and Legacy Series.
Available via the Equipment Menu on Titanium Series and NextGen Series.

Used to repair a broken stem valve.

6) Feedback

Please report all bugs, issues and feature suggestions via:
Instant Message or Notecard to Lares Carter.
Or the HD Website Forms for Suggestions and Bug Reports.

Thank you for your support.