HD Midmount 1

Version 2022.10.07

Open Midmount 1 Changelog


0) Welcome

Thank you for purchasing Aerial 1 from HD Emergency.

If you are experiencing any problems with your product, please be sure that you have read this manual in its entirety and you fully understand its contents.
If at any point this manual does not help you please join the HD Emergency Equipment and supplies group and ask your question within the group chat.
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1) Specifications


- Full Mesh Build
- Seats up to Four Avatars (2 in cab + 2 tailboard)
- Working Headlights, Taillights, Turn Signals and Hazard Lights
- Parking Brake to switch Physics on or off
- Opening Cab Doors and Compartments
- Compatible with the NTBI Global Fuel System
50.0 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank
Maximum 85.0 miles to a tank
1.70 Miles Per Gallon
- Compatible with the HD Exhaust Removal System
- Compatible with the HD Electric Charging System

Aerial Ladder

- 3-section ladder
- minus 10° to 70° raise angle
- 360° turntable rotation
- max 26m (86ft) ladder
- 1000 GPM master stream
- with 90° side to side swipe
- aerial discharge connector
- aerial spotlights

Pump System

- Compatible with the HD Fire System 2
- No Pump Panel
- One 5.0" Intake with Valve
- One 1000 GPM Aerial Masterstream
- One 2.5" Aerial Discharge

Emergency Lights System

- HD Classic Lightbar
- Rear Mounted Beacons
- Front Mounted Rotoray
- 2 Wig-Wag Front Strobes
- 2 LEDs each side
- 2 LEDs on rear
- Traffic Director Lightbar
- fully customizable with RGB input option

Sound Setup

- working mechanical wave siren
- airhorn and electrical horn
- primary, secondary and manual siren
- with option for custom Sound UUID


- Large and Small Diameter Supply Line
- Attack Line with Combi and Smoothbore Nozzles
- Two Fire Extinguishers
- Six Spare SCBA Bottles
- Backboard and Medical Jump Bag
- Chainsaw, Circular Saw
- Caution Tape and Duct Tape
- Firefighter Hand Tools
- Electrical Generator
- Two Electrical Fans
- Four Ground Ladders
- Two Pompier Ladders
- Handheld Lights
- Traffic Pylons
- Binding Agent
- Wheel Chocks
- Tool Box
- Two Foam Jugs


- Twelve Stock Paintjobs
- Twelve chevron Patterns
- Full Paintjob Templates
- Four Decal Texture Spots
- Eight Front Bumper patterns
- Truck Number 1 to 9999
- Side Mirror Chevrons
- Wheel Cap Color
- Three Aerial Color Zones
- License Plates
- Support for HD ThemeBox3

2) Main Menu

2.1 Kick

This button allows you to eject a passenger out of the vehicle.

2.2 Manual

This button will give you a link to the online Manual, which you are reading right now.

2.3 Report

This will send a text report to your local chat in regards to the vehicle's status.
The report shows you who last drove the vehicle and the time at which they sat down.
It also shows the same information for the last person to operate the pump panel.
It will also display the vehicle's fuel status and total driven miles.

2.4 Restock

This will restock all equipment in the compartments of the truck in case any of it was lost.
In order to restock any used SCBA bottles you need to use the 'RestockSCBA' button in the main menu.
The button is only visible if any of the SCBA bottles are missing.
Restocking SCBA bottles requires a nearby SCBA Station.

2.5 Kill Fires

This button will allow you to kill any and all fires within the same region of the apparatus. This is extremely useful when a situation gets out of hand.

2.6 Modular HUD

This vehicle is compatible with the HD Modular HUD, which is distributed by a centralized server within Second Life.
To receive a copy of the latest version simply select 'Modular HUD' in the main menu of your vehicle.
The Modular HUD allows you to control all of the functions of your vehicle.
It will display different buttons and controls based on which spot you are sitting on.
An automatic sync to your vehicle is performed when attaching the HUD or sitting down.

2.7 Gear HUD

This vehicle is compatible with the HD Gear HUD, which is distributed by a centralized server within Second Life.
To get a copy of the latest version simply select 'Gear HUD' in the main menu of your vehicle.
The Gear HUD handles most of the equipment on the HD Fire Trucks.
You will not be able to use the compatible equipment without having the Gear HUD attached.
For more information on the features of the Gear HUD please consult the HD Fire System 2 Manual.

3) Owner Only

3.1 Customize

The customize menu allows you to change various settings for the appearance of your truck.
Depending on the selection you can either select a stock option or apply your own custom textures or colors.
For further information about Custom Textures and Decals please check the respective manual section.

3.2 Access

This menu allows you to change the vehicle's permissions on who can operate it.
There are two levels of access: Crew and Passenger.
Crew includes the Driver and Pump Operator as well as operating aerial ladders or booms.
Passenger only allows to sit in any of the passenger seats or stand on the tailboard.
You may set each to Owner, Group or Everyone.
Group includes all members of the group that the truck is set to.

To further restrict the access the truck supports the use of a With the whitelist you can add specific people to the Crew role.

3.3 Options

This menu allows you to change the vehicle's miscellaneous settings such as:
- Toggling Fuel System On/Off
- Renaming the vehicle
- Changing the Anti-Roll-Over (ARO) System Settings
- Installing Custom Sound UUIDs
- Adjusting Turn Radius Setting
- Adjusting Brake Strength Setting
- Activating the Pump Panel Help Mode
- Removing all HD Fires within the Region
- Setting a website URL for the Clipboard in the cab
- Setting up the Script API

4) Aerial Operation

This Truck comes with a 3-section aerial ladder that has a pre-piped aerial waterway.
The aerial ladder tip features a 1000 GPM masterstream and 2.5" Inch Discharge.
In order to power the Aerial Ladder you have to make sure that the engine of the truck is turned on.
Movement of the ladder is only possible once the outriggers have been fully extended to stabilize the truck.
The outriggers can only be retracted when the aerial ladder is in its stowed position. To quickly return the aerial ladder click on one of the levers.
The aerial operator control panel is mounted on the turntable in the center of the truck. You can 'sit' on the control panel in order to control the ladder.
You can either click directly on the control panel elements in combination with your keyboard or use the Modular HUD.
The outriggers can be extended and retracted by using the EXT and RET buttons on the control panel.
The aerial ladder control unit has a basic collision avoidance protection.
This means that the turntable can only be rotated once the aerial ladder has been sufficiently raised in order to clear the cab and lightbar.
Also negative elevation is only possible while the aerial ladder is pointing towards either side of the truck.
The turret can be moved from side to side and rotated around its mounting axis.

Step-By-Step Setup Guide

- Stop Truck and apply Parking Brake
- Ensure Engine is turned on
- 'Sit' on Turntable
- Confirm Main Power Light is On
- Fully extend outriggers
- Confirm Outriggers Deployed Light is On
- Operate Aerial Ladder as needed
- Click on either lever to Auto-Stow Aerial Ladder
- Fully retract outriggers

Aerial Master Stream

In order to utilize the Aerial Master Stream you have to supply water to it for an external water source.
The large supply line intake is on the passenger side of the truck below the binding agent buckets.
It has a lever to control Open / Close the intake valve. To flow water it has to be set to Open.
You can either click on the lever or use the Primary switch on the Modular HUD to open or close the valve.
The external water source will control the GPM flow for the aerial waterway.
If a hose is connected to the aerial discharge it will take priority.
Otherwise the water will flow towards the aerial masterstream and spray through the nozzle.

Keyboard Input

You can switch between the primary and secondary key function by using the Active Switch to select Ladder or Turret.
Input Key Primary Function (Ladder) Secondary Function (Turret)
Arrow Key Forward Raise Ladder Unfold Turret
Arrow Key Back Lower Ladder Fold Turret
Arrow Key Left Turntable Counterclockwise Turret Left Swipe
Arrow Key Right Turntable Clockwise Turret Right Swipe
Page Up or E Extend Ladder Extend Ladder
Page Down or C Retract Ladder Retract Ladder

5) Equipment

You need to wear the HD Gear HUD in order to use any of the equipment.
You can click on most of the items in the compartments to grab a copy.
The equipment will temp-attach directly to your avatar.
Some of the equipment can only be taken once and will restore to the truck when detached while in the same region.
If any of the equipment goes missing then you can select 'Options' > 'Restock' in the truck menu to restore it.

Available Equipment:
- Large and Small Diameter Supply Line
- Attack Line with Combi and Smoothbore Nozzles
- Two Fire Extinguishers
- Six Spare SCBA Bottles
- Backboard and Medical Jump Bag
- Chainsaw, Circular Saw
- Caution Tape and Duct Tape
- Firefighter Hand Tools
- Electrical Generator
- Two Electrical Fans
- Four Ground Ladders
- Two Pompier Ladders
- Handheld Lights
- Traffic Pylons
- Binding Agent
- Wheel Chocks
- Tool Box
- Two Foam Jugs

6) Chat Commands / Gestures

The truck listens on channel 2569 to the active driver and officer.
A pack of compatible gestures is available from the Manual HUD

The following commands are supported:
Signal Left [Ctrl+Left] = sigL
Signal Right [Ctrl+Right] = sigR
Hazard Lights [Ctrl+Up] = sigH
Camera [1-9] = cam1 - cam9
Next Camera [0] = cam0
Code 2 (lights) [F2] = code2
Code 3 (lights & siren) [F3] = code3
Code 4 (off) [F4] = code4
Park Brake [Space] = hb
Headlight [L] = headlight
Horn [H] = horntap
EM Master Switch [B] = light
Siren Primary [T] = siren1
Siren Secondary [G] = siren2
Siren Manual [Y] = sirentap
Lightbar [Shift+1] = lightbar
Strobes All [Shift+2] = strobe
Strobes Front [Shift+3] = strobeF
Strobes Side [Shift+4] = strobeS
Strobes Rear [Shift+5] = strobeR
Scenelight [Shift+6] = scene
Beacons [Shift+7] = beacon
Traffic Director [Shift+8] = director
Exit Vehicle [-] = exit

7) Textures

This truck comes with full templates for the body.
You can find them online: HD Templates
The body textures have to be saved as JPG in order to display properly.

To apply your custom paintjob textures:
1) Click on the roof of the cab to bring up the main menu
2) Select 'Customize' and then 'Paintjob'
3) Select either 'Custom Cab' or 'Custom Box' and enter the UUID

All decal textures have to be saved as PNG with a full transparent background.
For the decals you can use the UUID 8dcd4a48-2d37-4909-9f78-f7a9eb4ef903 for a fully transparent texture.

Decal Areas:
Cab Door: applied to the doors of the cab, aspect ratio is 1:1.
Call 911: applied to the most rear side compartment door, aspect ratio is 1:1.
Keep Back: applied to double compartment doors on back of truck, aspect ratio is 2:1.
Aerial Sign: applied to the aerial boom sign, aspect ratio is 8:1.

Texture Helper:
The texture helper can be used to apply local textures for your paintjob.
Rez the texture helper next to your truck and make sure that the backside is aimed towards your truck.
The owner of the helper and the owner of the truck have to match.
There are 3 faces on the front. The left is for the Cab, the middle for the Body and the right for the Hosebed texture.
Use the Second Life build tools floater to select your texture from your inventory or your hard drive.
You can click the texture helper to force an update onto the truck it is aimed at.
Every time the local texture on your hard drive changes it will automatically be applied to the truck.

8) HD Theme Box 3

This truck is fully compatible with the HD ThemeBox3.
You can edit the basic HD ThemeBox3 that came packaged with this truck.
The Vehicle Parameter has to be set to the following: HD Aerial 1

The following Parameters are supported by this vehicle:
ThemeBox = UUID of texture that should appear on side of the HD ThemeBox
Texture Cab Top = UUID of cab top half texture
Texture Cab Bottom = UUID of cab lower half texture
Texture Body = UUID of body texture sides and front
Texture Rear = UUID of body texture on back side
Texture Hosebed = UUID of hosebed texture
Decal Door = UUID of decal on cab doors (1:1 ratio)
Decal 911 = UUID of decal on side rear comapartment (1:1 ratio)
Decal Rear = UUID of decal on back below ladder compartment (2:1 ratio)
Decal Sign = UUID of aerial sign texture (8:1 ratio)
Color Wheels = RGB-Color-Vector of the wheel caps
Color Aerial Pipe = RGB-Color-Vector of the aerial waterway pipes
Color Aerial Ladder = RGB-Color-Vector of the aerial ladder
Color Aerial Tip = RGB-Color-Vector of the aerial ladder tip section
Color Aerial Turntable = RGB-Color-Vector of the aerial turntable and hydraulic elevation pistons
Freebie = TRUE or FALSE. If set to TRUE then no next owner permission warnings are given.

All of those parameters are optional, you can leave any of them if you do not want to overwrite that particular setting.
The HD Texture Templates are available online: HD Templates

9) Script API

This truck comes with a simple Script API.
To activate it click on the center of the truck and select 'Options' > 'Script API'
Now enter the channel you want to use to send the commands.
Leave it blank to deactivate the Script API.

The owner of the sending object has to match the owner of the truck.

The following commands are supported:
the truck will derez
SET POS;(vector)
the truck will move to the given region position
SET ROT;(rotation)
the truck will change to the given global rotation
SET POS ROT;(vector);(rotation)
the truck will move to the given region position and global rotation
the vehicle will report its current status to the sending object
reply: GET STATUS;(integer)ParkingBrake;(integer)PumpMode;(integer)HoseLines
(integer)ParkingBrake : 0 for Parking Brake not applied, 1 for Parking Brake is applied
(integer)PumpMode : 0 for Pump Power Shift set to Road/Drive, 1 for Pump Power Shift set to Pump
(integer)HoseLines : 0 for no Hose Lines connected, 1 for one or more Hose Lines connecte

The truck will reply to each command by repeating it plus an integer for the execution status.
Possible reasons for movement not being successful:
- Hose Lines are connected
- Electric Cable Reel is deployed
- Exhaust Removal System is connected
- Electric Charging System is connected
- Target Position is more than 10 meters off region or above 4096m
- Target Position has parcel or region restrictions (object entry rule, prim limit, banned, etc.)

Object sends: SET POS ROT;<128.0, 128.0, 32.0>;<0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0>
Truck will reply:
SET POS ROT;1 when the move and rotate was possible
SET POS ROT;0 when something hindered the movement

Object sends: GET STATUS
Vehicle will reply:
- Parking Brake is set (1)
- Pump Power Shift is set to Road/Drive (0)
- one or more Hose Lines are connected (1)

10) Feedback

Please report all bugs, issues and feature suggestions via:
Instant Message or Notecard to Lares Carter.
Or the HD Website Forms for Suggestions and Bug Reports.

Thank you for your support.