HD NextGen Engine 27

Version 2022.10.07

Open Engine 27 Changelog


0) Welcome

Thank you for purchasing the NextGen Engine 27 from HD Emergency.

You can have a look at the Quickstart Guide for an overview of the most important features and frequent questions.
If you are experiencing any problems with your product, please be sure that you have read this manual in its entirety and you fully understand what it is saying.
If at any point this manual does not help you please join the HD Emergency Equipment and supplies group and ask your question within the group chat.
Alternatively you can also join the HD Discord Server and ask your question in the #helpdesk channel.

We hope you enjoy your product from HD Emergency! Thank you for the support!

1) Specifications

- Compatible with the HD Fire System 2;
1000 Gallon Water tank
2500 Gallon Foam tank
Two 5.0" Intakes
Two 5.0" Discharges
One 2.5" Intake
Three 2.5" Discharges
One deckgun
1500 GPM Pump Limit
- Seats up to Six (6) Avatars
- Nine (9) different themes
- Six (6) different Lightbar style options
- Four (4) different lightbar color options
- Eight (8) Front Strobe Color Options
- Eight (8) Side Strobe Color Options
- Three (3) ladder colors
- Fifteen (15) Chevron Patterns
- Eight (8) Wheel Color Options
- Ability to use custom decal textures
- open-able compartments
- working deckgun
- Working Headlights, Taillights and Turn Signals
- Compatible with the NTBI Global Fuel System
30.0 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank
Maximum 50.0 miles to a tank
1.70 Miles Per Gallon

2) Main Menu

(A) Owner-Only Options

2.1 Options

This menu allows you to change the vehicle's miscellaneous settings such as:
- Toggling Fuel System On/Off
- Renaming the vehicle
- Changing the Anti-Roll-Over System Settings
- Installing Custom Sound UUIDs
- Toggling Steering settings between Arcade and Realistic
- Toggling Brake settings between Arcade and Realistic
- Changing the Pump Panel Units
- Activating the Pump Panel Help Mode
- Removing all HD Fires within the Region
- Access to the Lightbar Menu
- Remove all HD Fires from the region

2.2 Access

This menu allows you to change the vehicle's permissions on who can operate it.
There are two levels of access: Crew and Passenger.
Crew includes the Driver and Pump Operator as well as operating aerial ladders or booms.
Passenger only allows to sit in any of the passenger seats.
You may set each to Owner, Group or Everyone.
Group includes all members of the group that the truck is set to.
With the whitelist you can add specific people to the Crew role.

2.3 Customize

This will change the vehicle into a special mode that will allow you to customize how your apparatus will appear.
You may change the vehicle's looks by clicking on the following areas:
- Headlights (Allows you to change color of emergency lights)
- Side strobes (Allows you to change color of strobe lights)
- Lightbar (Allows you to change the style and color, as well as if it illuminates the area around the vehicle)
- Wheels (Allows you to change the color)
- Rear of Truck (Allows you to change the Chevron pattern)
- Grill of Cab (Allows you to switch between clear and US flag option)
- Cab Side (Allows you to change the texture using Texture-UUID's.)
- Side Compartments (Allows you to change the overall theme)
- Roof (Allows you to switch between raised and flat roof option)
- Vehicle Frame (Allows you to exit Customization)

2.4 Kick

This button allows you to eject a passenger out of the vehicle.

(B) General Options

2.5 Report

This will send a text report to your local chat in regards to the vehicle's status.
The report shows you who last drove the vehicle and the time at which they sat down.
It will also display the vehicle's fuel status, water and foam levels as well as how many SCBA Refills are available.

2.6 Modular HUD

This vehicle is compatible with the HD Modular HUD, which is distributed by a centralized server within Second Life.
To receive a copy of the latest version simply select 'Modular HUD' in the main menu of your vehicle.
The Modular HUD allows you to control all of the functions of your vehicle.
It will display different buttons and controls based on which spot you are sitting on.
An automatic sync to your vehicle is performed when attaching the HUD or sitting down.

2.7 Gear HUD

This vehicle is compatible with the HD Gear HUD, which is distributed by a centralized server within Second Life.
To get a copy of the latest version simply select 'Gear HUD' in the main menu of your vehicle.
The Gear HUD handles most of the equipment on the HD NextGen Trucks.
You will not be able to use the compatible equipment without having the Gear HUD attached.
For more information on the features of the Gear HUD please consult the HD Fire System 2 Manual.

2.8 Equipment

This menu will give you a list of all available equipment that the apparatus carries:
- Ladder
- Draft Float
- Attack Line
- Supply Line
- Suction Hose
- Fire Extinguisher
This apparatus is equipped with Five (5) spare SCBA tanks.

2.9 Manual

This button will give you a link to the NextGen Engine 27 Manual online, which you are reading right now.

3) Special Functions

This vehicle has no special functions.

4) NTBI Global Fuel System

This vehicles is equipped with the NTBI Global Fuel System and fully compatible with it.
The tank takes up to 30.0 Gallons of Diesel fuel and gives the vehicle a range of about 50.0 miles.
The fuel efficiency is circa 1.70 Miles Per Gallon.

For further information about the NTBI GFS and how to get a copy of the pumps please visit:

5) Sit Positions

All HD Apparatus allow you to select a specific sit position by right-clicking on a certain prim of the vehicle and selecting 'Board'.
You can select the following area(s):
- Front Bumper (Sits you as driver)
- Windshield (Sits you as front right passenger)
- Mirrors (Sits you as backwards facing rear right passenger)
- Side of the cab (Sits you as forward facing rear right passenger)
- Chrome cover of front wheels (Sits you as backward facing rear left passenger)
- Roof (Sits you as forward facing rear left passenger)

6) Custom Decal Textures

This HD Vehicle supports the ability to set your own decal textures.
The way this system works is by changing the side textures of the cab, instead of using just a single decal overlay.
You can utilize this system by activating the 'Customize' mode (Noted in 2.3) then bring up the Theme Menu of the vehicle and select 'Setup'

- Base Theme allows you to choose which theme you want to base your custom decal textures on
- UUID Recall gives you a list of the currently applied decal textures
- Install allows you to install a complete custom theme through a special HD Theme Box (Noted in 7)

While in the customize mode click on either side of the cab to enter a different UUID for each side.

You can click on the sides of the hosebed to apply your custom texture.
If at any point you'd like to reset a texture you've entered, you can do so by entering anything that does not represent a valid UUID into the text field.
The truck will automatically activate 'Custom' as active theme whenever you add a new texture UUID.
You can also manually activate use of the custom decal textures by selecting 'Custom' in the Theme menu.

You can use the supplied texture templates as a starting point.
NOTE: You are only allowed to use those when you accept the conditions that are laid out in the disclaimer notecard within the texture templates box.

7) HD Theme Box

This feature allows you to quickly and efficiently install a fully customized theme or livery to your apparatus.
For everything that goes beyond what is currently possible through the simple texture templates you have received,
you will need to order a custom theme from HD. Please contact Lares Carter with a detailed description of your needs.
To install a custom theme simply rez the ThemeBox in-world right next to your vehicle.
+Open the theme menu while in Customize Mode, select 'Setup' and then 'Install'.
Once the custom theme has been loaded it will be automatically applied to your truck.

10) Feedback

Please report all bugs, issues and feature suggestions via:
Instant Message or Notecard to Lares Carter.
Or the HD Website Forms for Suggestions and Bug Reports.

Thank you for your support.